Nine tips to.. Las Vegas

1. Go to a show. Obviously, Vegas is most famous for its casinos and gambling but the shows are world class.; whether it’s theatre, music or magic, you will not regret it.

2. Set limits on what you are prepared to gamble and stick to them. If you go with the notion that you’ll lose everything, any money you bring back is a bonus. Never gamble drunk either – they will try to ply you with alcohol and no one makes good decisions when boozy!

3. The strip is deceivingly long. When you’re flying into Vegas, look out the window – it all looks so close together, doesn’t it? Wrong. Familiarise yourself with where everything is and pack some comfortable shoes for walking. I made the mistake of thinking if I can see it, then it’s close, leading to a two mile walk to the Stratosphere in heels. Respect your feet, people.

4. Hence, stay in a central location on the strip. Look on a map and see which casinos are in the middle. It means you are closer to everything.

5. There are a lot of hidden charges. Expect to tip a lot and be prepared for extra fees. For example, some hotels charge for WiFi (even if you are staying there), a necessity for making everyone back home jealous #howyourmonday?

6. Get off the strip. Make sure you check out downtown and Fremont street one day.

7. Try to visit as many casinos as you can. They all have different vibes and unique attractions like The Bellagio fountain, Caesar’s Palace’s ceiling and The Venetian’s canal, complete with gondola.

8. Pre-drink before going out as alcohol prices can be hefty. Got to save where you can.

9. Sadly, gender equality has not reached Vegas and it is a much cheaper holiday for women than it is for men. If you are female, take advantage of getting free entry and other promotions. I ended up not spending a penny on entry or drinks for the entire three nights.


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