Nine tips to.. San Diego

1. Rent a car. Public transport is almost non-existent so the only way to get around is by car. The silver lining is that the roads are the nicest ones I’ve ever driven on. If you’re looking for car rentals, check out

2. You only need a day or two for downtown, unlike many other cities. Most of the fun lies outside of downtown. FYI the USS Midway is overpriced and disappointing, despite topping many tourist lists for San Diego.

3. Go off peak if you can. It will still be warm but there will be less tourists and everything will be cheaper.

4. Try a new sport. San Diego has the perfect climate for water sports like surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. Visit Mission beach for a wave pool to practice.

5. Snorkel in La Jolla. There is plenty of marine life, such as sea lions and leopard sharks. Just make sure you check the tides first – we couldn’t even get in the sea in our flippers on the day we went. Rookies.

6. Check out the shopping outlets at the Mexican border. There are tons of great stores with good prices and, who knows, you may even see Trump’s wall by then.

7. Food. All of the food in San Diego is good but you have to try Mexican food in Old Town. Given the city’s proximity to Mexico, the Mexican food is authentic as well as delicious.

8. Go see the Padres. Petco Park is the perfect stadium to watch the all-American ball game. Make sure you try and catch the prizes they throw into the crowd!

9. The beaches. San Diego is just an underrated and better version of Los Angeles with the most beautiful beaches. Mission beach is good for its amusement park and Pacific beach has lots of quirky bars and shops.


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