Nine tips to.. Vancouver

1. Do a tour. There are loads to choose from but Vancouver is unique in that downtown is almost completely surrounded by water so it makes sense to do a boat tour. I highly recommend the Sea Vancouver tour.

2. Stanley Park. You could spend days and still not have explored all one thousand acres. Cycle the seawall, visit the aquarium, see the totem poles and chill on the beaches. Take your camera for the amazing views and wildlife. We have seen sea otters, seals, eagles and many other birds.

3. Vancouver always ranks highly in the best cities in the world because you can be on top of a mountain and then relaxing on a beach an hour later, or as some people put it – you can ski and golf in the same day. For mountains, take the gondola up Grouse and for beaches, visit Kitsilano and English Bay.

4. Explore the surrounding areas. There’s lots of cool day trips from Vancouver; namely, Deep Cove, Whistler, Bowen Island and even Washington state.

5. Harbour Air is the largest airline in the world for solely seaplanes. Either take a seaplane tour around Vancouver or board a flight to Vancouver Island. It is pricy but the views are worth it.

6. Catch a hockey game. Ice hockey that is. No better way to experience a country than to watch its national sport live. And great news – the local team, the Vancouver Canucks, are doing particularly badly at moment so tickets are cheap and easy to get hold of.

7. Go hiking. There are tons of cool hikes to try. For beginners or just the lazy people like me, I recommend the Grouse Grind and Quarry Rock hike. Canada’s natural beauty is unreal. Don’t forget your camera for the views (and to prove that you actually did it!).

8. Capilano suspension bridge tops a lot of tourism lists for Vancouver but go to Lynn Valley instead. It has a similar bridge and trails but, unlike Capilano, is completely free.

9. Eat out. Vancouver is known for its food, in particular its sushi. Also, check out the food at the famous Granville Island market, Canada’s second most visited attraction. Note: all Vancouver-related facts are courtesy of the aforementioned Sea Vancouver tour.


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