Nine tips to.. Moving to Canada

1. Research. It seems obvious doesn’t it? There is surprisingly little information out there on this topic though. On the plus side, most of what you learn will happen once you get to Canada anyway. A couple of good places to start your research are here (obviously) and the Facebook group ‘International Experience Canada (IEC)... Continue Reading →

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Nine tips to.. Starting university

1. Research before your make any decisions. Thoroughly! Consider location, rankings and courses. How far from home do you want to be? How isolated is the campus? What is nightlife like? How expensive is the area? What are the employment statistics for after uni? Has it got a good reputation? Talk to current students to get... Continue Reading →

Nine tips to.. Vancouver

1. Do a tour. There are loads to choose from but Vancouver is unique in that downtown is almost completely surrounded by water so it makes sense to do a boat tour. I highly recommend the Sea Vancouver tour. 2. Stanley Park. You could spend days and still not have explored all one thousand acres. Cycle the seawall, visit the... Continue Reading →

Nine tips to.. San Diego

1. Rent a car. Public transport is almost non-existent so the only way to get around is by car. The silver lining is that the roads are the nicest ones I've ever driven on. If you're looking for car rentals, check out 2. You only need a day or two for downtown, unlike many other cities. Most of... Continue Reading →

Nine tips to.. Las Vegas

1. Go to a show. Obviously, Vegas is most famous for its casinos and gambling but the shows are world class.; whether it's theatre, music or magic, you will not regret it. 2. Set limits on what you are prepared to gamble and stick to them. If you go with the notion that you'll lose everything, any money... Continue Reading →

Nine tips to.. Immigrating abroad

1. Finding a visa. Depending on where you are immigrating from and to, visas can be hard to come by, with some countries being easier to get into than others. Also, bare in mind, there may be more than one type of visa to get to the same country - find the route most applicable to you... Continue Reading →

Nine tips to.. Couch to 10km

1. Stop doubting yourself. Not everyone is a natural runner so just start small if you need to. I could barely run 1km when I first started running. Self doubt is what took me so long to start running in the first place. 2. Get a running buddy if you can. Someone to force you out when... Continue Reading →

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